Uncover Your Building's Secrets

Uncover Your Building's Secrets

Offering commercial inspection services in Upper Marlboro & Bowie, All of Maryland, Washington D.C., & Northern Virginia

When it comes to commercial inspection services, you simply can't afford to skip them. Whether you're constructing a brand-new property or purchasing a pre-owned building, you need to work with an inspector.

Complete Building Inspections will either give your building a clean bill of health or alert you to serious problems. We'll look for safety and health hazards, including conditions that lead to sick building syndrome.

Arrange for commercial inspection services by calling our Upper Marlboro, Maryland location at 301-576-9599 today. We are happy to travel and provide service in Bowie, All of Maryland, Washington D.C., & Northern Virginia

Avoid a disaster with regular electrical inspections

One of the most devastating disasters any commercial property owner can face is a fire. The best way to prevent an electrical fire is with regular electrical inspections. A few of the things Complete Building Inspections will look for are:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Outdated wiring
  • Damaged emergency lighting

When the inspection is complete, you'll get a detailed report with pictures of our findings.

If you own or manage a commercial property in Upper Marlboro and Bowie, MD and surrounding areas, set up regular electrical inspections as soon as possible.